Monday, January 10, 2011

theme thursday - stairs

Today I climb back on the stairs of higher education by going back to college at the grand old age of 52.
And I'm scared.
But a bit excited too.
(It's nothing amazing, but my work are sponsoring me to become a qualified nurse prescriber.)
Wish me luck on the climb!


la fourchette said...

felicitations! you go girl!


Roy said...

Good luck, Betty!

Brian Miller said...

best wishes...that is really exciting...

Everyday Goddess said...

best of luck, and nice to meet you.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i doubt you need any luck! you'll soar right to the top betty! have fun and i expect you'll be a great role model for all those who haven't reached the grand 'old age of 52' - which is years younger than i and geez i thought i was still a pipsqueak!

Betty C. said...

OK, I read this AFTER the most recent post, so ignore the previous.

My, besides having the same first name, we are pretty much the same age.

How long will your course last?

Betty said...

Hey, thank y'all for the kind messages!
The first 2 days went much better than I expected (one good thing about being pessimistic is the possibility of a pleasant surprise.)
The course is 6 months long/short.