Friday, January 21, 2011

mining the archives 1

With grateful thanks to Betty C for the post title and the idea.
A scroll through the E drive on my PC has dug out the following ...

all taken in new york last october.

1. view from the high line
2. view from central park
3. graffiti and a precariously placed water tower
4. reflections on w 13th
5. coffee shop in brooklyn


Roy said...

Absolutely great b&w shots, Betty! Good work.

boromax said...

Wow. Fantastic archiving! What beautifully captured photos.

Betty, I hope you do not mind. I have just awarded you the "Stylish Blogger Award" at

It is rendered with true respect and admiration for your blog.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great images...i love the high line. anxious to visit next month during winter to see how different it will be from when i was there in june!

Betty said...

Thanks, Roy :)
And thank you, boromax! Will head on over to visit your blog shortly.
Kim, isn't it just fabulous up there! We were in the city for just a week last year, but kept heading back to the high line at different times of day to see how the light changed (we were staying in chelsea, so that wasn't hard.) Watching the sun set over the Hudson was so beautiful :)

Betty C. said...

I'm glad I gave you a title and, perhaps, some more inspiration for getting through NaBloPoMo. I've had a few tough days this week, but have managed to muddle through.

I wonder how many photos you took in New York? It looks like you have plenty or "archives to mine." I love black and white photos of certain cities.

Doreen said...

love these black and white shots. very nice.