Monday, September 5, 2011

travels in tuscany 1

Mosquitoes 12
Liz 0

After an interesting night (woken by massive firework display just after midnight, then at 5.30 when I realised my temporary veneer had come off my front tooth, then finally at 6.30 when my dozen mosquito bites all appeared to catch fire at once) we have had a fabulous breakfast at our B&B and are now sitting outside the local pasticceria. We're eating again. Well, what else can you do in Italy, when there's some of the best food in the world round the corner?

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Friday, September 2, 2011

friday weather

Busy packing and tidying the house before we go on holiday, yet still time for a blog post!

It's been warm and sunny today after a chilly start to the week.

Off to Italy tomorrow for a couple of weeks. We were hoping to do a fair amount of walking, but I'll have to take it easy as my leg is still healing. The weather forecast is 'mixed' so there's a scarf and waterproof coat in the suitcase as well as t-shirts and sandals.

Whatever the weather is like I'm hopeful it won't be as wet and muddy as it was at Latitude Festival in July! Am uploading some of the photos to Flickr, but here's a few to be going on with ...

This was our view in the morning from our podpad. A little misty ...

and then it rained (though as you can see, even rain will not keep the serious festival goer from his beer.)

Some came armed with wellies and umbrellas

and others with a poncho of sorts.

Fortunately the sun made an appearance so we could dry off between 'showers.'

I probably won't post much while I'm away, unless there's good wifi.