Thursday, January 20, 2011

poems on the underground

Once upon a time somebody had a really good idea.

To brighten the day of Tube travellers, they decided to put up poems inside the carriages in place of some of the adverts

This is my favourite.


I boom-mumble I bass-blow
I hull-heavy I big/slow
I boat bump I limpet-skin
I soft-sink I sky-swim
I sea-search I salt-swallow
I bone-backed I fluke-follow

I gulf-cross I listen-talk
I moon-map I wave-walk
I tail-turn I time-keep
I ship-wreck I song-seek
I blue-blood I grumble-sing
I fish-heart I dream king

Sophie Stephenson-Wright

You can find more poems here


Brian Miller said...

nice. i was readinga book the other day about this group that passes out poems to tram riders to brighten their day

mouse (aka kimy) said...

love spontaneous acts of poetry! thanks betty for sharing the tube art

Betty C. said...

I've seen this in Paris too. I thought "how French," but I guess not only...

Betty C. said...

I am suddenly very interested in how tut-tut, mouse, you and I all got bloggily interconnected...