Thursday, January 6, 2011


Epiphany - when tradition states we should take down the tree and every Christmas decoration.
Think I'll break with tradition for a few more days ... :)


mouse (aka kimy) said...

only some traditions...if you were orthodox christian, you have plenty of time left to enjoy all those holiday decorations!!

betty, break tradition but not that lovely ornament!

happy new year!

Betty C. said...

We keep our tree up pretty much all through January, and our "Christmas vilage" up until the February school holidays. I love the lights -- they perk me up in the morning when I have to get ready for work in the dark. I say keep the tree up as long as you want (especially if it's artificial!)

Betty said...

Hi both! the tree is still taking pride of place in my living room, lights are sparkling, ornaments shimmering and candles (on the mantel) are glowing.
I haven't finished with Christmas quite yet :)

Glory von Hathor said...

I finally took mine down today and it shed a million pine needles all over my house. I think that's the only problem with keeping it up as long as you like. We'll be finding them till May.