Tuesday, January 25, 2011

thameside tuesday

As promised, I took a camera with me today when I travelled up to town for college.
Sat by the river in the misty rain, tucking into homemade soup for lunch.

This was the view

After lunch I went for a brief stroll along the south bank and joined the small crowd watching this guy

Further on I came across a shiny Airstream far from home

As I turned away from the river to head for college, I took a look back

I'll try to remember to take a camera with me every Tuesday while I'm on this course.


Betty C. said...

An Airstream in London -- what a disconnect!

I hope your course is going well.

I'm getting a bit discouraged with NaBloPoMo because I'm managing to Blo and Po but not to Co (comment...)...which means little feedback on my own posts.

I will make it, though -- and so will you!

Brian Miller said...

nice shots...love to see the sand art being done...we catch it at the beach every year...