Thursday, November 12, 2009

theme thursday - telephone

Well, I have to admit that I'm a little bit stuck on this one. I could have a rant about how the phone is taking over our lives. About how you can't travel in peace and quiet on public transport anymore, because people insist on bellowing into their phones, I'm on the train. Yes. I said, I'm on the train. No, I'll be about 20 minutes. Yes please. 2 sugars. while I'm trying to read my newspaper. But that would be my husband's rant and not mine. I commute by car. Insulated from other commuters in my little metal box, I can ignore my phone, if it rings, as I don't have a hands-free-kit. Ha ha!

I could probably write a piece about the development of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell, wasn't it? Nah. Can't be bothered to look it up.

When I phoned my brother the other day, my nephew had just bought an iPhone and was struggling with the instructions, trying to work out how to use it. Who would have thought that a telephone could take photos, play music and videos, access the internet, play games, convert currency, navigate you from one place to another? (Actually mine doesn't do all those things. I have a camera and an iPod and quite like the fact that I can't talk or text on either of them!)

So. Yes. Telephone. What to post?

A telephone rings, doesn't it? Well, mine does.

I found a song by Blondie

and a photo of a ring

Monday, November 9, 2009

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to my cats, Charlie & Coco. Wreckers of carpet, catchers of frogs, owners of very long whiskers and bringers of joy (and cat hair.)

We don't know their real birthday, as we got them from a rescue centre at New Year 2005. November 9th is a best guess!


Charlie often looks surprised. Either because I've caught him doing something bad (see above re carpets) or because he's puzzled by life. Charlie has lots of fur, but not a great deal of brain. He's quite skittish and nervous of strangers. He loves to have his fur brushed.


Coco likes to eat, sleep, sit on window sills, sleep, catch flies and sleep. She has a long pink tongue, which sticks out when she's thinking (not often) or yawning. She has a gentle nature and is very affectionate.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

theme thursday - castle

The Scots know well how to build castles. None of those battlements, crenellated towers and narrow windows for shooting arrows through here! This one is more like a country home - albeit a large one.

These photos were taken at Torosay Castle on the Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland. It was a sunny(!) day in September. We were lovely and warm - probably because we were wearing several layers of clothing.

I love Scotland.

Also on Mull, this is Duart Castle. Older than Torosay, this one at least has a wall and battlements. And lots of chimneys!

As we all know, however, an Englishman's home is his castle.

So, here's mine, taken in the snow last winter.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

on the beach

Autumn is here. Yes, the leaves are beautiful. Life and colour still cling to stem and branch.
But it's cold. And right now it's dark and wet, too.

So, where better to be than on the beach?

Tybee Island, Georgia