Wednesday, October 27, 2010

good day

Long time no write. I think Facebook has made me a little lazy!

Good day today. Our older daughter has just got engaged (hooray) and we spent the day wandering around Selfridges looking at hideous Vera Wang wedding dresses (sorry, but we thought they were awful) and cooing over wedding stationery and ideas for table decorations.

All this talk of weddings has obviously softened my brain. I would normally be complaining at the fact that the stores were full of Christmas decorations in October, but all I did was smile. This has ruined my reputation of being something of a humbug re the festive season.

Selfridges has hung giant mirrorballs in the atrium. As well as slowly spinning round, they moved up and down on long chains. I could have travelled up and down the escalators all afternoon, watching the play of light against the walls.

Took this with my ipod, so it's a bit blurry, but still pretty.