Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

theme thursday - red

Seeing red

I currently have no internet connection. This is due to changing ISP and a subsequent communications failure between O2 & British Telecom.
I spent 50 mins on the phone yesterday evening, being passed from one person to another, then to another and finally another.
Thanks to satellite technology (& low pay) these people were all situated at a call centre in India.
And they were all unable to help me.
One of them was polite and apologised for being unable to help me.

I managed to keep my cool (red is not a cool colour) until I received an automated call from BT later that evening, asking me what I thought of their customer service, at which point I saw red.

So I’m typing this out in Word in the hope that I’ll get a few minutes for lunch tomorrow, when I can log on and post from work. Then I’ll be offline again until (hopefully) things are sorted next week.

Red is a powerful colour. Blood is red.

Warning signs are red.

Sometimes the sky is red.

And some of my favourite flowers are red, too.

Hooray! Got hold of a laptop from work, so have managed to post. Happy TT everyone. Back next week.