Monday, May 3, 2010

this is where the journey begins

Flag - Jasper Johns

A year ago Himself and I drove across the USA from West to East (including a diversion to the Gulf.) This Road Trip of over 3000 miles celebrated our 50th birthdays. I kept a journal and I've been reading that this week as well as looking at some of the 1500 photos we took between us. Any hopes of this trip soothing my wanderlust were misguided. Just fuel to the fire, I'm afraid, and we're talking about doing something bigger when we retire.

I'd planned to maybe blog my journal, or at least write a post for every day we were away, but I managed just three last year. So, I'm sitting here thinking perhaps I'll do a post per state that we visited. An overall impression, or a 'snapshot' if you like. Well, three posts last year on California is enough, don't you think?

Maybe there's room for a few more pictures ...

checking the route

convenience store on Campo Road somewhere between San Diego & the next stop!

cactus flower

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Betty C. said...

This sounds so interesting to me. Blog it away! I'd love to see your photos.

My family and I took just a three-day road trip from Olympia to Fort Collins, Colorado a few years back and it is forever etched in my memory.