Sunday, June 21, 2009

... and turn left

Down to San Diego and turn left.

We watched the news over breakfast at the motel this morning (April 27th.) It was full of reports of Swine Flu, so we decided that Tecate and Mexico would keep for another day (another year!) and thus we headed left (ok, east) towards Jacumba and towards our first encounter with Roadside America.™

The Desert View Tower - an opportunity to climb a few stairs and stare across miles of stony desert and some scary rocks

scary rock

then admire a fabulous collection of kitsch on the way down.

desert essential

And all for a few bucks! Cool.

Pushing on towards Yuma, we came across Felicity, which stands at the centre of the world. (No, really, it does. The Mayor says so.)

the pyramid marks the spot

It was eerily quiet and seemed deserted. It had an unfinished feeling, as though the builders had been interrupted suddenly ( or, perhaps, abducted by aliens?) The pyramid was locked. After we'd wandered round the place a bit, a woman popped out of one of the buildings and called to us. It was the desert, it was hot and we were a little overcome by all the weirdness, so we politely declined her offer of a $10 tour. She insisted. We declined again. She called us stupid. We left.
I believe she might have been the Mayor's wife.


Glory von Hathor said...

Yes, calling punters stupid - that's the way to entice them in...

What's going on with the tower thing? Are those beams poking out?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

with those people skills I wonder if anyone takes the tour, I'd expect NOT

Betty said...
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Betty said...

It was just one small part of the rich tapestry of life! :D

Yup - there are beams poking out the sides of the tower. Not sure if they're decorative, or what, but they add to its uniqueness, don't you think?

I liked the tower - it was quirky.

Steve said...

LOL -- definitely NOT the way to win over balky tourists. Maybe the heat was getting to her, too. :)

California Girl said...

wonderful photos. lived in SD three different times and never got out to Jacumba to see that tower.