Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Very English weather in our garden yesterday. Sunshine, rain and hail.
Himself has been gardening (read 'clearing up from the winter cos we haven't had time to do it before.')

I took these at the weekend.

bleeding heart

tree peony


tree peony


tut-tut said...

Great, luscious photos, Betty

Betsy said...

My pet rabbit loves to eat dandelion blooms! :)

And my bleeding heart is blooming now, too!

Beautiful photos!

Thanks for visiting me today...and your additions to my cockney list! :)

Brian Miller said...

my my how does your garden grow...great pics! nice to see al the color...our grape vine out back is full on green, cant wait to eat straight from the vine...

Betty C. said...

Strange weather about -- we had some snow around here yesterday. I posted something about it on Facebook and a lot of my friends in the Pacific Northwest mentioned they had had hail, or even snow in Spokane. Weird.