Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's 3 years since my Mum died of pancreatic cancer. She's the one in the striped top. The only one smiling at the camera. Mum was one of six girls and here she is with three of her sisters plus her Mum and Dad and her nephew and niece. The photograph was taken by her brother-in-law, Walter on September 2nd 1939. The day before war was declared in Europe. Mum was 17.

From L-R Olive, John, Walter (my grandfather) Ruby (my grandmother) Sylvia, Jo, Mabel and Josie

This rose was from my Mum's garden and now blooms in mine.


Brian Miller said...

and what a beautiful rose it is...smiles.

Betty C. said...

Sniff. It's hard to comment on this one.