Sunday, May 9, 2010

when I look to the sky

festival-goers looking at the sky

Friday night found me and Himself at the O2 Academy in Islington, north London. Squashed up against other excited fans in what is, basically, a small concrete box with a small stage at one end and an even smaller bar at the other.

We were there to see Train. Seven years since they last played a gig in London and, oh, what a night!
Their music is best described as 'roots rock' - little bit of folk, little bit of country, lotta rock and a whole lotta soul! You may recall their single 'Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me.)'

Anyhoo. They were great. Really great.

Pat Monahan, lead singer

The post title refers to one of my favourite songs, When I look to the Sky (and is part of my continuing effort to keep to the theme of 'Look up'.) Been trying to find a link to let you hear it, but can only find a cheesy video & some poor quality stuff on youtube. Sorry! We'll just have to make do with another photo from Friday night.

Jimmy Stafford, lead guitarist


Betsy said...

That looks like so much fun! :)

transparentnow? said...

Funny you should mention this group. My husband and I were just talking about them last night. They have a live DVD filmed in San Francisco several years ago. One song they covered was Led Zepplin's "Ramble On". My comment to my husband was I feel they did a better job than Zepplin. Of course he looked at me like I was crazy but if you can find the video I would like to know your opinion. Great Band!!!!

Jingle said...

what fun!

Betty C. said...

I'm really enjoying going to concerts again after a rather long child-raising hiatus. Now they come with us/me or we can go alone -- fun times! Expensive times too...