Thursday, May 6, 2010

theme thursday - pink

Today pink is a colour associated with femininity, but this was not always the case. Until the 1940s pink was thought to be a very suitable shade for boys to wear, as it is related to red, which is a 'strong' colour. Blue, believed to be the 'weaker' colour was for girls!

The Sugar Bowl, Scottsdale AZ

Blushing Pink Soda

1 (8 ounce) can crushed unsweetened pineapple, drained
1/2 cup mashed fresh strawberries
1 quart strawberry soda, chilled and divided
1 quart vanilla ice cream, divided

Combine pineapple, strawberries, 1 cup strawberry soda and 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream in container of electric blender; process until mixture is smooth. Divide mixture evenly into 6 glasses. Add 1 scoop of ice cream and 1/2 cup strawberry soda to each glass. Garnish with strawberry fans, if desired.

Strawberry soda is not so easy to get hold of here in the UK, so I guess you could use cream soda and substitute strawberry ice cream for the vanilla. Yumm.

pink hydrangea in my garden

"I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain"
Flowers in the rain - The Move (maybe they were pink flowers?)

parasols at the greenbelt festival, cheltenham uk

Marta: I'm Marta, and I'm going to be seven on Tuesday, and I'd like a pink parasol.
Maria: Well, pink's my favorite colour, too.
from The Sound of Music

pink wellies at greenbelt


John had
Great Big
Boots on;
John had a
Great Big
John had a
Great Big
Mackintosh --
And that
(Said John)

A A Milne


Roy said...

Whew! My eyes are still recovering from those Wellies!

I'd never heard of The Move before, and when I looked them up I discovered that this was the group that eventually became ELO. Heh, heh! Small world, indeed; I just did a post about "Handle with Care" by the Traveling Wilburys, another Jeff Lynne project.

järnebrand said...

I loved that. :)
My son is 7 and he loves pink. He says it's cool to wear pink. I agree. Pink is cool.
Happy TT! Love/ Jo.

PattiKen said...

I love the photos and poems. Pink can be a very powerful color.

My post for Pink, close to my heart, is up here.

Jingle said...

fresh and adorable pink post!

Betsy said...

Love the sweet pink girl best! :)

California Girl said...

Okay just read Roy's comment and now I have to go back & listen to The Move.

I never knew or heard of pink being for boys & v.v. What about the famous "Blue Boy" & the equally famous "Pinkie"?

Love the AA Milne poem and the wellies too.

Jaime said...

that blushing pink soda sounds so good!

Betty C. said...

Interesting information about pink formerly being a "boys'" color.

I may have to start doing Theme Thursday -- it always looks fun. And it could help me get through NaBloPoMo!

Baino said...

Love the wellies (we call em Gum Boots) and I'm definitely buying the loudest pair ever soon as it's winter coming and time to start hand feeding horses early in the morning! Loved that you finished with AA Milne too. I think I still have my copies of When We Were Very Young and Now that We're Six hidden away somewhere.

Betty said...

Thanks for all your comments.
Back from a weekend away and now off to visit all your blogs before the next round of posting! :)