Sunday, May 30, 2010

look up - in new york 3

Today younger daughter and her best friend are winging their way across the Atlantic to the Big Apple.
They'll be food-tasting in Greenwich Village, having brunch in Penelope,
queuing for the elevators here, and checking out the beach here.
I believe they plan on doing a little shopping too!

the slaughtered lamb


Betty C. said...

Sounds like a great trip. I do have to get my daughters (and myself) to New York one of these days!

Steve said...

Hope they have a great time! I love Penelope!

California Girl said...

unbelievable photographs. are they yours?

Jingle said...

great news about your family!
hope that they have fun!
Happy Sunday!

Betty said...

Betty C - I'd recommend NYC for a mum & daughter trip, definitely!

Steve - they're staying at the Murray Hill Inn, just round the corner from your appartment and only a couple of minutes from Penelope!

California Girl - yes, all mine. Thank you :D
Lettuce and I had an amazing trip there in 2008. Our cameras were in constant action.

Hi Jingle - happy Sunday to you!