Sunday, August 31, 2008


Aren't you getting a little too old for this?
(My friend's comment when I told her that we had just got back from Greenbelt Festival.)

Too old for live music, stand-up comedy, poetry readings, talks and meeting (and listening) to interesting people?
If I'm ever too old for that, then shoot me!

The sun shone (sometimes.)

Pretty parasols.


Outside, looking in.



tut-tut said...

Old!? No way. Looks and sounds terrific.

dennis said...

Dennis wonders how the food was... details.

looks like you're up next for Ched's film fest (thursday nyc time)

Steve said...

There's never any such thing as too old!

Love those parasols...though they're not quite my style, personally.

lettuce said...

age - aint nothing but a number

great pictures, i love the 2nd one and the last.

love to you

Betty said...

tut-tut and lettuce, thank you. Hope I die before I get old! ;-)

dennis - there was nice food. Homemade pizza, toasties, cider, red wine, coffee, tea, cake (of course!) and falafel.
not so nice was the paella I tried and the fact that this year there was no ice cream. i thought that was very sad :-(

steve - thanks. What sort of parasol is your style??