Thursday, August 28, 2008

theme thursday - wheels

I drive a car. I like the security of having 4 wheels under me in constant contact with the road.
Bicycles scare me.
I tried to learn to ride when I was a child, but could never get the hang of the whole balance thing.
A brief attempt as an adult convinced me (very quickly) that I Am Not Designed To Ride A Bike.™

But I saw this one in Greenwich Village earlier this year.

And I thought it was cute.


Squirrel said...

maybe you'd like one of those giant tricycles with big baskets. Great fun and good for running errands.

lettuce said...

it was cute! thats another of my missing pictures! :-)

i hope greenbelt was good
see you soon

Betty said...

squirrel, that sounds fun. And good exercise too!
Wonder if they come with stabilisers?

lettuce, Greenbelt was fab! Will post about it at some point.
Yeah, see you soon xx

Squirrel said...

Did you ever think, while riding in a car, of how you're above the road (your body is) never touching the road. I often think it's like a cartoon, where the car suddenly becomes invisible and you'd see all these floating people--some going fast, all in a seated position.

Betty said...

No. But I rather think I might now. What a fab thought!

tut-tut said...

D can't ride a bike. His mother told him he was too nervous to learn!

Betty said...

I told my mother I was too nervous to learn!