Sunday, August 3, 2008


Last year, after my mother died, just before the house was sold, I took a rose from her garden.
Always a keen and gifted gardener she would gently chide me for my complete lack of 'green fingers'.
Even a pot plant wasn't safe with me.

Still, I wanted the rose.

So we dug it out of the well-nourished soil and put it in the cold clay of our garden.
It went very limp and looked sad (just like me!)
And then it bloomed.
And this year it bloomed again.


tut-tut said...

Aren't you glad you took that rose? I'm sure somewhere, she's looking out for it for you . . .

Betty said...

Yes, very glad.
And maybe she is. (I just hope she hasn't noticed that it got black spot this year because I didn't spray it! ;-))

Bob Dylan said...

Ahhh...very sweet... be sure to give it some turkey manure before August 30. ( alittle snack it will enjoy)

Betty said...

Turkey manure???
Well, I do have home made compost. Would that do?

Steve said...

A rose is much healthier than a pot plant. (And less legally problematic, too.) :)

Steve said...

Hmmm...Blogger seems to have eaten my comment. I said: A rose is much healthier than a pot plant, and legally less problematic! :)