Thursday, August 14, 2008


I quite like my hair. Especially now that it's going grey.
I wish I had 'better' eyebrows and eyelashes (both are fine, sparse and blonde) but I guess none of us is perfect!

My younger daughter is blonde.
This is her now ...

Of course my other daughter, a natural brunette, is currently blonde.
Of course.

One of these photographers was trying out a new hair colour (very cool.)

The other has a cute hat.


tut-tut said...

Hair! I had a TERRIBLE perm in the 1980s (yes, way back then). Poodlish, as I'm sure anyone who has seen me can conjure in their mind's eye. But never a desire for a different color.

Betty said...

Umm. I did the same in 1987, I think. It was really bad!
I've been all shades from dark blonde to auburn, but am au naturel at present.

lettuce said...

i hope they did allergy tests


hope you are well honey.