Thursday, August 21, 2008


Theme Thursday: winged things or just wings ...

angel on Mull

dragon in Ghent, Belgium

young herring gull on the shore in Oban, Scotland

Children's voices in the orchard
Between the blossom- and the fruit-time:
Golden head, crimson head,
Between the green tip and the root.
Black wing, brown wing, hover over;
Twenty years and the spring is over;
To-day grieves and to-morrow grieves,
Cover me over, light-in-leaves;
Golden head, black wing,
Cling, swing,
Spring, sing,
Swing up into the apple-tree.

New Hampshire by T S Eliot

chaffinches on the Isle of Mull, Scotland


tut-tut said...

Wonderful creatures. And I like the poem, too. I've gotten away from poetry, and I feel it's time to return.

Betty said...

I was passionate about poetry when at school and college.
Then life interrupted.
The passion is returning.
It feels good.

Squirrel said...

lots of lovely wings and a bit of Eliot. I really like the look of that Herring Gull. Very sweet.

lettuce said...


dennis said...

Dennis thinks: mustn't look---sweet. tender juicy.

Betty said...

Dennis might hurt his mouth on the first 2!