Friday, August 15, 2008



How about being a little less negative?

Please put your litter in the bin. Keep the park looking pretty for others to enjoy.

Keep your dog on a leash when you're not in the Dog Run. He might jump up at an old lady or frighten a little child. (He might chase those pesky squirrels and pigeons too!)

Enjoy your music. But keep the volume within reasonable limits. Not everyone likes Hip Hop.
Or Opera.

Get drunk or stoned somewhere more private than this. Drunks are very boring. And vomit is not cool.

It's a small park. Sorry, but there's not enough room here for cycles and skateboards. Could you find a bigger space to use them?

But above all, this is your park. So, relax.

And enjoy.

Any more suggestions?


Bob Dylan said...

Your wording is so much better. The sign reminds me of the Father Ted episode where no swearing is allowed at a park where Ted is trying to relax... so another park goer calls Ted a Grasshole.

lettuce said...

"not everyone likes Hip Hop"

really? is that true?!


tut-tut said...


d. chedwick said...

I like hip hop.
gangsta rap not so much, tho...

Anonymous said...

But I feel the need to blast my opera music too

here we see the middle aged lady who pulls up in a car, Aerosmith just BLASTING. she feels cool, rockin out in her car to the song . It looks sad. like maybe she needs a hearing aid. Her mate is the guy who plays air guitar every chance he gets.

Betty said...

You may have just described me and my beloved .... :p