Saturday, September 6, 2008

more greenbelt

It was a sunny day at the festival

But the clouds came

people looked for their wellies

and put them on

but then the sun broke through the clouds

and the people were happy.


Holy Famoley said...

A great summary of a great festival!

tut-tut said...

Major cloud bank; all that goodwill must have risen to meet the challenge and driven it away!

lettuce said...

so was the free hugs guy getting much business?

lovely light in the penult. pic.

hope your weekend was okay (or better than ok)

The Trustees said...
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The Trustees said...

This made us crack up--a very very good story!

Ched U currently has teaching positions open for the following courses:

Pig Latin
and whatever you'd like to teach

Steve said...

Did you get a hug from the hugger?

Groovy boots people were wearing...

Betty said...

holy famoley - we had a fab time. Will look out for you next year!

tut-tut - big clouds indeed, but rather beautiful. The weather was, umm, mixed :-)

letty & steve - I didn't see that guy getting any hugs, but there was another having more success. He was holding a sign saying Hug an Emo and was surrounded by giggling girlies. I was too busy laughing to take a pic. The boots were really cool, weren't they? I just had my boring old walking boots on (and warm, dry feet.)

Dear Trustees - thank you kindly for the job offer. Pig Latin sounds interesting. But I think I'd be better at cat! :D