Tuesday, February 8, 2011

thameside tuesday

Sunshine on the South Bank today!!

Still pretty chilly, but nothing that a coat, a pair of warm gloves and a latte couldn't deal with.

Looking west (upstream) towards Waterloo Bridge - the Houses of Parliament are out of sight around a slight bend in the river. Waterloo Bridge is relatively young - opened in 1945.

Looking east (downstream) towards Blackfriars Bridge, with the City of London, a permanent construction site, to the left of the photo and the Oxo Tower to the right. The white building beyond the Oxo Tower is Sea Containers House.
Consisting of five wrought iron arches, Blackfriars Bridge was opened by Queen Victoria in 1869.


Brian Miller said...

nice...i like the lamp posts...looks a great place to take a walk...

Betty said...

If you ever visit London a walk along the Thames is a must. There's so much to see (even when it's raining!)

Betty Carlson said...

We're having lovely weather too here...quite a boost during what is usually a time of February blues!

I am vaguely jealous...I feel like going back to school, but not while working full-time, that's for sure.

Michelle in a shell said...

Beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

The South Bank - beautifully captured here even in the cold - is one of London's best riverside walks.

No traffic either, except for the boats on the river.

And since the South Bank concert halls, the Hayward Gallery, the National Theatre, the Film Theatre and, further down, the Globe are all on the South Bank, great for famous people spotting (I have only ever recognized a happy looking Richard Eyre so this is not something I am good at).

mouse (aka kimy) said...

aw lovely snaps.

gosh, i need a trip across the pond!!!