Friday, February 4, 2011

C is for ...


Butt of jokes and home of the Croydon facelift

Also home of The Hospital of the Holy Trinity

founded by Archbishop Whitgift in 1596 to be a hospital and abiding place for the finding, sustenation and relief of certain poore, needy or impotent people, to have continuence for ever.

The High Street

Old buildings

and new


Brian Miller said...

very cool captures...neat windows on the corset shop....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful way of capturing Croydon and its history - and what an uplifting place that hospital looks.

Does Croydon still have its tramways?


Betty said...

Thanks, Brian. I love those windows. Beneath them is the entrance to a couple of bars. The store is long gone. Glad they kept the windows.

Sally, we still have the trams. There was talk of extending the route to crystal palace, but that seems to have fallen through for now.

Anonymous said...

I love trams: they are so 'European' and 'Egalitarian' and 'Quiet'.

I love them.

I am jealous of Croydon.


Betty said...

heh! croydon doesn't have much to recommend it apart from the trams (but yes, they are really cool)