Saturday, February 12, 2011

J is for ...

I said I would stick to places this month when blogging alphabetically, but that felt too forced and restrictive, so I'm keeping things random.

So J is for ... what? Jam? I like jam (jelly in the US, I think?) My brother-in-law makes great jam. I have a jar of last year's raspberry in the fridge.

J is also for (winter) jasmine. Even on a dull day like today it brings a little bit of sunshine to the garden.

There are other early signs of spring. The hellebore is flowering

and the crocus.

A word I associate with spring is joy. That begins with a J too.


Betty C. said...

Is blogging alphabetically the NaBloPoMo theme? Or are you just doing it for fun?

To keep things in perspective:

Betty said...

lol! Oh, that's good.
The theme for this month is character - thought I'd do characters of the alphabet :)

Brian Miller said...

the crocus' are amazing....j is for jammin' which your pics are...smiles

Betty said...

nice! thanks, Brian :)

Anonymous said...

That last pic (together with your words) is totally what it's all about Betty ;))