Saturday, February 5, 2011

D is for Devon ...

Rolling hills, sandy beaches, red cliffs tumbling into the sea, crab sandwiches, cream teas, soft west country accents. These are all things I associate with Devon. Right now we're driving through misty rain and those rolling green hills have become invisible.
My cousin's son is marrying today and we're invited. That means a 200 mile drive, so we're making a weekend of it.

I can't work out how to upload photos from my iPod touch onto blogger, so this will have to be a pictureless post.

I have found out something interesting about the area, however, and that's it's association with the poet Ted Hughes. There's a poetry trail near here dedicated to him. If the weather looked a bit more promising tomorrow we might consider walking the trail.

Anyhow, we're almost at the venue now, so time to don the high heels and the smile and get back in touch with family I've not seen for ages.
More tomorrow.


Michelle in a shell said...

Ah, mini-weekend vacations are always exciting. Great chance to get away and relax, not too long to forget about the real world!

Brian Miller said...

it would be so cool to check out that poetry trail...have a great time at the wedding...

Betty C. said...

Ted Hughes trail -- that definitely sounds intriguing.

Good luck on February NaBloPoMo. I'm sure I will try it again sometime...but probably not until spring.

Lynne said...

You are indeed brave to take on blogging every day!

Your descriptions of the countryside make me want to go there ... NOW! I'd love to see pics when you get home again.

Betty said...

@Michelle - oh yes! I love weekends away too.
@ Brian & Betty - didn't get to do the trail unfortunately. Mainly due to the weather. The wedding was interesting - see my next post :)
@ Lynne - we spent this morning at the coast and took lots of pics!

I'm not sure I'm brave trying to blog daily. Slightly mad? Very possibly.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever mentions Sylvia.

He was married to the poet Sylvia Plath and they had two children.

It was really her house in Devon although Ted chipped in.

Betty said...

Now I really am wishing we'd been able to do the trail! Next time.