Sunday, February 6, 2011

E is for ...


Well, that was an interesting day!

Lovely ceremony in an old mansion house near the sea. The bride looked gorgeous, the groom looked proud and the majority of the wedding party and guests were to be found in the bar before the ceremony began.
After said ceremony we drove off to the rugby club for the reception. Unfortunately the person who had been given the job of transporting the newlyweds, forgot! So someone else had to go back for them.

Beer continued to flow with no sign of food. A couple of female guests had an argument which involved some pushing and shoving. The sweet smell of weed wafted in from outside every time the door was opened....

On the up side I caught up with my aunt and 2 cousins, who I've not seen for over a year and watched two young people start what I hope will be a very happy life together.

When the disco had got going we hugged our goodbyes and escaped into the wind and rain with my brother and his family in search of dinner. Had a great evening in a wine bar, tucking into fish fresh from the sea. Fabulous!

Right now I'm drinking tea in a lovely hotel in Salisbury, Wiltshire and looking forward to exploring the town and cathedral tomorrow.

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Brian Miller said...

nice...glad you had a great time at the wedding...have fun exploring