Monday, February 14, 2011

L is for ...


In my weekly email from my local yoga centre (the place to get a massage!) were some wise words I'd like to share ...

Love it… love it not… it’s Valentine’s Day on Monday. For some of us it’s exciting, wondering whether a certain person might make us feel special, for some of us it’s actually a time of great sadness because of a love that is longed for or lost. For many, a time of reflection, for some a time of irritation… “all that fuss for one commercialized day” and all that. For some, a time of loneliness, and for many, a time when we want to blinker ourselves from the fuss in that “hey… let’s not rub it in” kind of way.

and some wise suggestions ...

Let go of unloving thoughts

Judgements, criticism and blame, whether directed inward or outward, come from an unloving place. Choose to release these and practice focusing on acceptance, compassion and forgiveness of self and others.

Process and release emotions

Emotions are the body’s way of expressing itself. When acknowledged and felt they release, allowing inner happiness to bubble forth. When they are suppressed or repressed for that matter, they become more painful. It’s healthy to acknowledge and release this stuff, bearing in mind “what the mind surpresses, the body expresses”. Feeling and processing emotions is a nurturing way to express self-love.

Release the past

Look at the lessons and growth opportunities from past experiences, be grateful for them, forgive where you need to, let go and move into the present where all possibilities for happiness exist.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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mouse (aka kimy) said...

happy valentines day!! have a lovely day!

how perfect to reach L today!!!!!

Brian Miller said...

nice....i like the wisdom they drop there...hope you have a great vday!

Michelle in a shell said...

Happy Valentines :) Thanks for sharing that lovely wisdom