Thursday, September 18, 2008

a day by the thames

On Saturday Mr A & I took ourselves off to the Thames Festival.
It was a beautiful day.
There were stalls selling food and crafts, and entertainments, which ranged from Morris Dancing, through Country & Western to Korean theatre!

And the Thames has a beach.
Who knew!

Down on the beach we found ourselves in the midde of a party.

Some people came dressed for the occasion.

Others were a little less formal.

At the end of the day the setting sun gilded the bridges and the trains

and we made our way home.


tut-tut said...

hey, you really get around! Beautiful shots.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for dropping by the mouse and your lovely comment on the window post. I LOVE another view - I never get to travel as much as I'd like so I look forward to popping over for frequent nibbles and some armchair travel - I really would love to find a job/gig that had me zipping over to the other side of the pond with regularity!!

it appears we have several blogging buds in common! so nice to make the acquaintance of kindred spirits...and sometimes we even get to chance to meet in the flesh! cyberspace is amazing isn't it!


d. chedwick said...

what a great adventure, thanks for including us via fabulous photos. Nice ass! Ha.

Betty said...

tut-tut - thank you! (I live in the suburbs of London and it's lovely to get in to town at the weekend)

mouse - my pleasure. It's good to make your acquaintance too. I love travelling. Like lettuce, I've caught the bug (tho, unlike her, I've made it to the US only once this year!)
2 cross-pond trips planned for 2009 tho, so lots more photo opportunities

ched - atually it was a rather bony ass! :D

edward said...

i like the little girl in her pretty clothes

lettuce said...

now betty, did you really not know about our Thames costa del sol?


i was a bit gobsmacked first time i saw it.
last time i saw it, there was a sand sculptor just starting work... unfortunately i couldn't stay to see what emerged.

great shots.
i love this stretch of the thames.

Betty said...

Me too! There was a sand sculptor there last weekend. Think I took a photo - will post it to flickr

Steve said...

This might be a silly question, but WHY, exactly, was that guy written all over with a marker??

Betty said...

Ah. He was collecting money for Refuge - a charity working with battered women & kids. We were allowed to write on him if we dropped some cash in his bucket.
I asked for a photo instead (and got a beery kiss, too!)