Friday, September 12, 2008


Time I introduced you to one of my favourite places in the world ...

Belgium and, specifically, Ghent. Located in Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north of Belgium, Ghent has a charm all its own.

Canals wind between buildings old and new.

Thanks to living in London and being not a million miles away from a Eurostar terminal, it's relatively easy for us to hop onto a train and, a couple of hours later, hop off into a different world.

Late mediaeval house.

My Dutch (Flemish) is limited to the usual courtesies and being able to navigate through a menu.

Well, sort of navigate. I have eaten some interesting things. Last summer we were over there for a few days and found a lovely little cafe for lunch. I thought the bread & cheese with salad and radishes sounded just the thing.

There was bread. Good, hearty, stoneground wholemeal bread. And cheese. Copious quantities of fromage blanc, making the bread soggy. Not quite so good.

And there were radishes. Numerous radishes. Neatly sliced and laid in overlapping layers, making pretty patterns on the cheese.

It was interesting. Mr A made little snorting noises into his fish soup. I took a picture.

(There are more radishes hiding under the salad!)

But what's a bit of indigestion between friends when you can take a romantic stroll by the canal at night?


lettuce said...

yeah... i think i'd pass on that salad

the last picture is fabulous, what a perfect reflection

dennis said...

Dennis says his humans went to Flanders and ate waffles. and crepes.

Betty said...

The waffles and crepes in Flanders are wonderful. Much, much better than the radishes!

tut-tut said...

I'd still have enjoyed that sandwich, given the surroundings!

Betty, once you use that Follower thing, it's no going back. I'm not using the button on my blog, but go over to Gumbo Writer to see it in action. I think you can link to her through my post. Can you feel the excitement! Organization is key (another key . . .)

Steve said...

Good Lord. That's a lot of radishes!

(In my book, radishes are meant to be an accent food, not a principle ingredient! But then, I'm not Flemish.)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i want to go to ghent!