Thursday, January 28, 2010

theme thursday - I felt an impression

I caught a

Fleeting glimpse of your
Eyes as you rushed from the room,
Leaving me empty, full of longing and wanting you.
Too late! You were gone


I was alone.
Maybe there was still a chance.
Perhaps you waited in the corridor, or in another
Room. I looked. I hunted. Opened
Every door,
Sought you
Shouted for you.
If only you had … If
Only I hadn’t called you Nancy, instead of
Neville, then I felt I would have made a better impression.


Kris said...

Interesting stuff.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

fantastic! a clever take on the (dual) theme - definitely left an impression on me!!

it's thursday there already!!! still wednesday here!

C.M. Jackson said...

great photo and interesting take on a difficult theme--niiice!

happy tt-c

Brian Miller said...

haha. yeah getting the name wrong will do that every time. happy tt!

Betsy said...

Oh yea...wrong name...bad, bad mistake..

VE said...

I love the intertwined story done this way. Very creative, Neville! err...I mean Nancy...err I mean Betty...

California Girl said...

"Nancy instead of Neville..." that is hilarious!

btw, my word verification is: comic
how appropriate.

Wings said...

How do you confuse a Neville for a Nancy?

Stephanie said...

Neville indeed. I like this post.

Tom said...

um...interesting love life you have there! :)

Betty said...

I'd nearly given up on what to post. Who'd a thought that having 2 themes would make it more difficult to come up with something?
Thanks for the kind comments, I had fun writing it.
Wings & Tom - that's on a strictly nedd-to-know basis :D

Betty said...

Nedd to know?
It's late. G'night!

Baino said...

Oh dear, nothing like a little gender confusion to make an impression.

Jasmine said...

This is so clever. The ending really made me smile :)

Dreamhaven said...

Great work. Happy TT

Jaime said...

oops! getting the name wrong certainly leaves an impression.

lettuce said...

haha, funny
and clever

and a great photo

anthonynorth said...

That's a great acrostic poem. Nicely done.

Rinkly Rimes said...

What a clever and meaningful haiku!

Anonymous said...

and pretty

Anonymous said...

here is mine!
Happy Sunday!