Thursday, February 4, 2010

theme thursday - red

Seeing red

I currently have no internet connection. This is due to changing ISP and a subsequent communications failure between O2 & British Telecom.
I spent 50 mins on the phone yesterday evening, being passed from one person to another, then to another and finally another.
Thanks to satellite technology (& low pay) these people were all situated at a call centre in India.
And they were all unable to help me.
One of them was polite and apologised for being unable to help me.

I managed to keep my cool (red is not a cool colour) until I received an automated call from BT later that evening, asking me what I thought of their customer service, at which point I saw red.

So I’m typing this out in Word in the hope that I’ll get a few minutes for lunch tomorrow, when I can log on and post from work. Then I’ll be offline again until (hopefully) things are sorted next week.

Red is a powerful colour. Blood is red.

Warning signs are red.

Sometimes the sky is red.

And some of my favourite flowers are red, too.

Hooray! Got hold of a laptop from work, so have managed to post. Happy TT everyone. Back next week.


Terrace Crawford said...

i love interesting signs. sorry to hear about your internet woes! that always stinks! i was actually on hold with a company yesterday for 30 minutes and the call dropped. the best part? they didn't call me back. wonderful.

here's to a better day.

[ps] i saw a picture of a red dogwood online yesterday. remarkable.

--Terrace Crawford

C.M. Jackson said...


you are a better woman --I cannot but help see red when I have computer problems and have to spend hours on the phone convincing a techie that no it is not my computer but something else that is wrong!! Loved the signs and your take on red! Happy TT-c

Jaime said...

great pictures. i love the sign telling people to leave their cars open so people don't have to climb over them

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wonderful photo assemblage on red.

oh yes when the internet goes down and one has to deal with the utilities it does cause one to see red!

Baino said...

Well done getting back on line and a great post to boot. I've had intermittent connection problems myself, and a bevy of technicians and call centres. Very frustrating and the problem still persists. Just goes off for no apparent reason. Good luck.

lettuce said...

bloody BT! pffft

great pics, i like the signage. esp. the duck.

Squirrel of Nyack said...

Great photos-- The coolest warning signs are often posted where it's difficult to get a pic.

my most remembered red warning sign was along a roadway -- WARNING ! REMOVE SUNGLASSES! DEEP SHADE AHEAD! I put my hand to my face even though I wasn't wearing sunglasses... a thought went through my head --how absurd, how deep can shade be, anyway? and my car plunged into the deepest shade ever--dang! it was difficult to adjust and see without sunglasses. The warning sign was justified.

The saddest warning signs --- the black spots of Ireland. Or do you have black spots too?

Tim Jet said...

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