Thursday, January 21, 2010

theme thursday - bread

What a versatile comestible is bread.
It comes in various colours (tho' if it's green, there may be a problem with the quality!)
It can be sprinkled with things. Poppy seeds, for instance.
I don't like poppy seeds and don't have a picture of them.
But I do like poppies.

"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche." Usually (and probably incorrectly) attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette, when she was told the peasants were starving and had run out of bread.

Brioche is actually more like a bread than a cake and makes a truly wonderful bread & butter pudding. Just follow Delia's recipe and substitute brioche for the bread. It's even better, if that's possible, with chocolate chip brioche. My friend, Penelope, made this for us in Scotland at New Year. As there was a little left over the next day (hard to believe, I know) I splashed on a tot or two of whisky and warmed it through in the oven. Yumm! (There wasn't time to take a photo. I was too busy eating.)

Staying on the French theme, this Boulangerie in Paris seems rather reluctant to display its wares

And this one has stopped selling bread altogether!


tut-tut said...

Betty! where have you got to?

Betty said...

Hello tut-tut! Well, I'm just sitting here at my computer, enjoying everyone's posts and trying not to think about the need to go to bed because I have to get up for w*rk in the morning (Bleah!) :-)

C.M. Jackson said...


I know the! There were so many tasty posts it is difficult to walk away--brioche is a lovely bread btw--good post-happy tt!c

Roy said...

Good heavens! What's a boulangerie without a display window stuffed full of a cornucopia of loaves? I wonder if they did much business.

It's good to see you posting, even if only sporadically.

Kris said...

I like bread and butter.

lettuce said...

according to good old know-it-all stephen Fry (QI) "let them eat cake" pre-dates poor old Marie Antoinette by some time span.

btw, theres a FABULOUS new French boulangerie in Greenwich...

just in case we were there some time ...