Sunday, January 13, 2013

Summer memories

It's getting pretty chilly here in London and snow is forecast for the coming week.  I love snow, though I know ours is less than impressive if you live in most parts of North America.  (Maybe impressive in Arizona??)
Anyway, whenever it's cold my thoughts turn to summer.  So here are some summery pictures from Latitude Festival in July last year.  (By the way, as this was an English summer, it rained!)

                                          Children's area

                                          Put your butts here!

                                          Theatre in the rain

                                          Waiting for the band (still raining!)

                                          Lang Lang passing by

                                          Bright, bedraggled, bunting



Brian Miller said...

ha looks like fun times...enjoy the snow...72 here today....short sleaves & shorts....

Steve Reed said...

Summer seems like a long time ago now -- maybe because even IT was cold and wet!