Monday, August 23, 2010

music monday - greenslade

Back in the mid seventies I saw this band a few times at a local club. Variously described as prog-rock or prog-folk and with album art by the amazing Roger Dean, they provided a fabulous way of spending a really chilled evening.

They had a great drummer, Andy McCulloch, who also played with Manfred Mann, King Crimson & The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Can't find much on Youtube, but you can listen to one of their albums, Spyglass Guest, here.

Hearing it now brings back lots of happy memories - crouched in the back of my friend's boyfriend's van, bracing ourselves against the sides as he swung round corners on our way to The Greyhound in Croydon. Standing near the back of the smoke-filled venue, being briefly distracted from the music when I realised that the couple in front of me, who were lying on the floor, were actually having sex beneath the cover of an army greatcoat.

Happy Days!


Brian Miller said...

oh my...adding their elemnet to the show...smiles. went to many a concert in my day...

Betty said...

... they missed some good music ..!