Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new york new york

I was going to take the day off from blogging today, but I just couldn't resist. Seems this has become a little addictive.
Either that or I have way too much time on my hands!

Younger offspring is apparently having a fabulous time in New York. (I know this, not because I've heard from her, but because older offspring told me she's been posting on Facebook, saying she doesn't want to leave! Room for rent, anybody??)

A quick trawl through the archives brings up a few more photos of the city that never sleeps.
So, for those who are planning a trip there, for those who have been and want to go back, for those who live there and for my lucky daughter and her best friend ...

brooklyn library


tree at moma



Lynne said...

Those are great shots of NYC. I live so close yet I venture in not nearly enough.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I wish I could have met you as well when you were here with "lettuce."

Betty C. said...

Good for you! My usual reaction to finishing NaBloPoMo is to not even think about blogging for a week or two...

Steve said...

Great photos, as usual! I'm glad your daughter is having a good time!

Betty said...

Lynne - penny drops! So it was you Lettuce was meeting while I was shopping. Also sorry we didn't get to meet up. Maybe next time?

Betty - I'm off on holiday this weekend, so will have an enforced break :)

Steve - thanks. Had a text from R saying she wants to live and work in NYC. I'll let her know there's a nice apartment for sale, shall I?