Saturday, March 21, 2009

a garden is a lovesome thing ...

through the wire, community garden, nyc

Inspired by tut-tut's post on vegetables and the positive comments from so many bloggers, I started thinking about gardens.
Now, I am no gardener. My Mum was. It was her refuge, her peaceful place. Her space to work off the frustrations of life. I have friends who feel the same way (waves hello to Lettuce.)

I can see my garden from where I'm sitting right now. The crocuses have finished and the daffodils are still hidden in tight green buds, but the thyme and bay have survived the winter and my neighbour's cherry tree is a mass of delicate swathes of white against a pale blue sky.

cherry blossom, botanical gardens, brooklyn

red stems of cornus alba in my garden in february

formal gardens in ravello, italy

A garden can be anything you want it to be: acres of manicured lawns with exotic trees & statues, a reclaimed patch of land between tall city buildings, a box of herbs on your window sill.

walled garden, polesden lacey, surrey

tree art, community garden, new york city

community garden, new york city

There's an interesting article here about the rise in popularity of kitchen gardens in the US. Perhaps we will see vegetables on the White House lawns? (There's a joke in there somewhere.)

flowering onion, geffrye museum, london

I think this year I should follow the example of people like my Mum and Lettuce (and my cats!) and spend more time in the garden.


tut-tut said...

Thanks for the shout-out and the lovely tour in all those other gardens. There's something about red branches in the snow that seems especially beautiful.

We're going to plant some seeds in the community garden bed this weekend.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

to gardens and doors everywhere!!!

lettuce said...


i've been gardening a lot lately, incomparable therapy

(not this weekend tho, its bleedin' freezin'!)

Betty said...

*waves back*

Isn't it just? Himself was hoping to be in the garden today, but is currently settled in front of the TV with a hot drink!