Monday, March 23, 2009


Doors. Open or closed. Entrance. Exit.

"When one door closes, another opens."

"Nothing there!" said Peter, and they all trooped out again - all except Lucy. She stayed behind because she thought it would be worth while trying the door of the wardrobe, even though she felt almost sure that it would be locked.

Eccles: I remember you!
Bluebottle: Yes, why do you not open the door?
Eccles: Okay, I'll- How do you open a door?
Bluebottle: You turn the knob on your side.
Eccles: I haven't got a knob on my side!


Steve said...

So many doors! They always make such perfect photographic subjects. I think we subconsciously enjoy the metaphor as much as the structure of the doors themselves.

Squirrel said...

I like doors and windows but doors I like better ---Doors lead places ...there's mystery!

while windows reflect (sometimes through the grit and grime, sometimes in a warpy way ) giving the shooter strange self portraits.

A cat in the window is always good though! I see a lot of brooms near doors lately.

I love that sea green color on the one door, and the carving on the other.

Squirrel said...

behind the green doors!

runmotman said...

Doors say a lot, don't they?
Door : "Slam"

Brian Miller said...

nice doors, the second i believe is my favorite. i always wonder what is through the next door.

VE said...

I came looking for minerals and found doors. Works for me...I never know what I want anyway

Dakota Bear said...

I also came looking for your mineral post, but found this one on doors, if you look at my blog you will see that I have a fascination for doors myself.

Betty said...

I love shooting doors - but after I'd made this post it struck me that all the doors in the pictures are shut.
I don't know why I don't have any shots of open doors. I always want to look through an open door, the same as I want to look in windows - whether it's for the refection or to see what's inside.
Thanks for the comments. I'm off to look at your blogs now.