Monday, November 9, 2009

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to my cats, Charlie & Coco. Wreckers of carpet, catchers of frogs, owners of very long whiskers and bringers of joy (and cat hair.)

We don't know their real birthday, as we got them from a rescue centre at New Year 2005. November 9th is a best guess!


Charlie often looks surprised. Either because I've caught him doing something bad (see above re carpets) or because he's puzzled by life. Charlie has lots of fur, but not a great deal of brain. He's quite skittish and nervous of strangers. He loves to have his fur brushed.


Coco likes to eat, sleep, sit on window sills, sleep, catch flies and sleep. She has a long pink tongue, which sticks out when she's thinking (not often) or yawning. She has a gentle nature and is very affectionate.


Skip Simpson said...

Hi Betty, I found your blog through AngelMay's site. I love the pictures below! Happy birthday, Charlie and Coco!

Steve said...

Awwww...they're adorable. I love how cats have such diverse personalities.

Glory von Hathor said...

Are these Celia Hammond refugee cats?
Very nice indeed.

Betty said...

Welcome, Skip, and thank you for your comments.

Steve - thanks. Forgive me posting about my moggies when you've just had to say goodbye to yours. :(

Glory - yes they are. Straight out of New Cross! :)

d. chedwick said...

Happy Birthday, Cats!

Brian Miller said...

happy birthday! we found ours in a wood pile and came up with a birthday as well. smiles.

R.J. Edwards said...

Charlie is quite the handsome cat. Coco is cute too.

Poetikat said...

Coco (from what I can tell) looks like my Gilbert (he's one of our quartet).

lettuce said...

great pictures, esp. of Coco

happy birthday catty beasts
Logan says hi

tut-tut said...

Black and tuxie cats RULE!