Thursday, July 16, 2009

theme thursday - stage

Whilst I love the theatre, the most common reason I'm near a stage is to listen to music.

I don't mind if the stage is large

or small.

If it's indoors

or outdoors.

If the guys up there are famous

or just having fun.

Even when you run the risk of being upstaged by the weather

the show must go on!

1. The mainstage at The Hop Farm Festival, Kent July 2009
2. Mike Maven and friend at Cedar Street Courtyard, Austin TX May 2009
3. Low Expectations at Antones, Austin TX May 2009
4. The mainstage at Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham Aug 2008
5. Paul Weller at The Hop Farm, July 2009 (with thanks to A for the shot)
6. The Effras at The Streatham Festival, London July 2009
7. The Effras in the rain ...


Poetikat said...

When I was younger I would go for the outdoor performances, but now I prefer a comfy seat indoors (and access to a good loo).

Great post for TT!


Roy said...

It seems like the only music we really get here in Newport, RI is outdoors. And yeah, I've been at the Newport Folk Festival in the rain. For a while there it was a tradition - it always rained on the Sunday of the festival, so that was the day everybody brought their ponchos.

Anonymous said...

Very cool take, here. Not just who's on the stage but where the stage is. Love the outdoor concerts!

Wings said...

Stages do come in many forms, hmm? :)

Betsy said...

I totally agree!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful tour of the a good concert...out doors, all the better.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I'm with you!

great array of musical stages and groups! fun to see two austin stages...for me austin is MUSIC. glad you got to experience some music while you were there. just sorry I crossing paths with you while you were on your u.s. wander - I was in austin april and you in may!

Betty said...

Poetikat - We have camping chairs, which are quite comfy, but I know what you mean about the loos! We went to the Hop Farm Festival for just the second day and, by the evening, the facilities were pretty unpleasant.
Roy - O yes, we have ponchos :)
subtorp77 - Thank you!
Wings & Betsy - You could say there are stages of stages. ;D
Brian - We're rediscovering the festival circuit now that our kids are grown. I love the fact that there's such a mix of people and ages.
kimy - A and I fell in love with Austin. What an amazing city! Really sorry our paths didn't cross there. We are trying to work out how and when we can go back. SXSW is very tempting ... Unlikely to manage it next March, but I think we'll try for 2011.

lettuce said...

nice post
i like that last shot, he looks kind of resigned but still good humoured