Thursday, April 2, 2009

theme thursday - 10

ten things that make me happy

my job

I can't actually believe I just typed that, as last week was the week from hell and I'm still feeling drained and exhausted. But happiness is so much more than just a quick buzz of elation, isn't it? I get a tremendous amount of job satisfaction and, on a good day, I'm happy to know that I make a difference. (So, here's hoping for some more good days just around the next corner.)


the effras, greenbelt festival 2008

Food of love, food for the soul: Walking with my ipod; propping up the bar in my local with a glass of wine in my hand and tapping my foot to my friend's band The Effras; one small voice in the crowd at the stadium, while Bono struts his stuff onstage; tears in my eyes as Runrig's lilting melodies take me to the mountains. I cannot imagine a world without music.


findhorn, scotland

Salt spray on my face, bladderwrack tickling my ankles, the slap of a wave against the jetty; river running deep, the pounding of a waterfall, the play of sunlight on rapids; a pebble in a pool, fish jumping; reflection in a puddle. Water of life. Living water.


taking photos in alphabet city, nyc

Where would we be without friends?


nyc from the brooklyn bridge

New places. New people. Weird food. Strange languages. Going back - when you wish you hadn't because it's never the same. Going back - when old memories are revived and new ones made. The familiar and the exotic. The security of the old and the thrill of the new.


the alps, italy

Something wonderful happens when I am in the mountains. They are so huge and I am very small. They make me feel peaceful. Sometimes they make me cry.


Past, present and future. Being part of a family is, for me, being part of a continuum. And it's where I find security.


st paul's cathedral & the millennium bridge

Home. Cosmopolitan city where the old and new live side by side. Steeped in history. It's where I go to walk along the Thames, ride the escalators in Selfridges, wander round the Tate Modern or the V & A, explore the backstreets. Home.


the alps, italy

cold soft hard fluffy white yellow blue-shadowed sparkle crisp crunch clean dirty silent muffled frozen melting wet dry powder blanket shroud dazzling


isle of mull

Mountains, water, friends, music, snow, whisky, haggis .... heaven.

That's my perfect 10.
What's yours?


Wings said...

Well, I like snow, can't say I love it... hahahahaha

Wonderful take on the "ten". I would definitely have COFFEE in my top ten things.


Steve said...

Terrific! Friends, indeed! :)

My perfect 10 would look a lot like yours, actually -- such elemental things, all of them, though my geography might be a bit different. (I do love London, though!)

Brian Miller said...

great post. we share many of the same things that make us happy. glad to see job was on your list, too many people don't have that. to family, friends and good haggis!

Squirrel said...

1. Children
2. Friends and Family
3. Animals
4. Art
5. Music
6. New York
7. Donegal
8. The South of France
9. Meeting people, hearing their stories, dreams, wishes.
10. Books (last but not least!)

The Clever Pup said...

I like your list. Traveling is very imporatnt to me to. My husband's always making lists. Maybe I should get him to join the fun.

Dakota Bear said...

6-Good food

Colette Amelia said...

Great list! Great pics!

willow said...

This made me feel happy, too.

Ronda Laveen said...

I can find 10 things I love about each one of your 10. Love the pics that go so well.

tony said...

Yes.Im very much the same.Great photos.Thanks.

Holly Jolly said...

Thanks for the up lifting post....and wonderful photos.....we could all change our mind set if we started each day with what made us happy. Loved it!!!

Tom said...

I think i am afraid of Bladderwrack.

Coffee Messiah said...

Great list ; )

lettuce said...

fab. list

(and pictures)

i enjoyed the slap and tickle reference

and thats a wonderful photo of A.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics Betty. It is always good to focus on what makes us happy:)

Evening Light Writer said...

This was a great theme thursday..I did top ten songs to shake my stuff to but in reality we all have a great deal to be thankful for.

Megan said...

I don't know about the snow. And the haggis! But otherwise, I'm with you! :)

Kris said...

I have heard of such people that like their job, but don't believe I have met one yet...

Auntie, aka cagny said...

This is my first time flying to your blog.
what lovely pics you have here!
you have a good eye!
i must fly here more often!

Betty said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - I really enjoyed doing this post. Concentrating on good things is really quite therapeutic.

Lettuce - the slap & tickle was unintentional. Must have been lurking there in my subconscious :D

Kris - I really do like my job. The management sucks, of course!

I love lists, too. My younger daughter has asked me to make a list of '10 albums which have changed your life.' Therein lies another post, I think.

I'm trying to make my way round everyone's blogs ....

Mama K said...

I really like this post. My ten? I keep a long list... I can't choose just the top ten.

For sure I'd have to include God's love, family times, sunshine, warm breezes on the back of my neck in the summer, the sparkle of new-fallen snow under the moonlight... and on it goes.

On my blog, my list is in all the posts categorized under "joys and thank yous". Come see if you'd like.

Nice post.


tut-tut said...

hey; I missed this last week for some reason. great photos. wonderful list. did you do eggs, too, this week?

Mrsupole said...

I'm with tut-tut, somehow I missed this one last week and am here looking for eggs, I need eggs, no not really. I have seen so much about eggs, it was nice to go back to tens.

Thank you for sharing, will try again next week.

God bless.