Thursday, February 5, 2009

theme thursday - statue

Not sure if this lovely sculpture in the courtyard of the Luxembourg Parc Hotel in Paris qualifies as a statue.
When is a sculpture a sculpture and when is it a statue?
Anyway, it's by Antonio Nocera and it's very beautiful.

When I was a child one of the games we played at parties was musical statues. This man on the South Bank in London reminded me of that game. A real musical statue!


tut-tut said...

Hey, I asked that very same question today! Great minds, Betty . . .

lettuce said...

it is very beautiful!

great idea to put in a living statue!!
(not a job for this weather)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

now that you mention what is the difference? I do believe I was collapsing the two and not really thinking critically about the difference until now.....

i always liked playing statue as a kid ---- freeze!

oh I guess that's the wrong thing to say considering the weather.

stay warm....and while we're at it we could use a little warmth here in cleveland too!! but the snow is beautiful!! and today the sky is BLUE

Kris said...

I like that top one a lot. As for the second one, I bet their houses are dirty with handprints everywhere!

Dakota Bear said...

Very interesting question. What is the difference, location?

Last year I saw intriguing living statues all along Las Ramblas in Barcelona Spain.

Roy said...

The Nocera work is stunning!

As for the definition thing, like you I kind of expanded the envelope more than a little. Oh well, Kim told me a while a go that there are no real rules to these things. Heh, heh!

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures..especially eh blue man! Did he blink?

Betty said...

tut-tut - Great minds, indeed! :-D

letty - It was summer when the photo was taken, but certainly a living statue today would be very blue! Brrr!

kimy - he he! the skies have been blue here today, too.

kris - hello! I would love to know whether he painted himself blue, or if he got someone to help.

Dakota Bear - Barcelona is on my 'must see' list!

Roy - the Nocera took my breath away. Will go see it again next time I'm in Paris. Had never come across his work before. He's a gifted illustrator as well as a sculptor.

Cinnamon - thank you. No, I didn't see him blink. (Should have tried to make him, though. :D )