Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Life has been a tad busy of late.
I've been distracted by a couple of momentous events and a horrid cold and haven't had much time for writing or visiting my favourite blogs.

So, what was so momentous? Well, last week I turned 50. I had rather expected to feel a little down, a little quiet. Perhaps, even, a little sad.
After all, as people seemed keen to remind me, I'm now halfway to a hundred!
But it was ok. I had a fabulous day with my family. People I love sent me beautiful cards and gave me wonderful, thoughtful gifts. So, all in all, being 50 seems pretty good.

But, despite all that, today I do feel sad.
Yesterday our younger daughter started her first term at university.
And the house feels very, very quiet.

On the plus side, there will be no cups or dishes left in various spots around the place. I won't be woken at 3am by a text letting me know that she's staying at a friend's after going to a club. (At least she lets me know!) And we won't have to cope with her hormonal mood swings.

But I'll miss the conversations about politics, religion, fashion and music. I'll miss the smell of her perfume, Coco Mademoiselle, the witty observations, the dark blue eyes, so carefully made-up, flashing with humour behind the long fringe.

I'm glad she's gone. It was time for her to fly the nest.
But I miss her.


tut-tut said...

Just starting to contemplate the college situation. I will miss L desperately. Happy 50!

Steve said...

I think being halfway to 100 is actually cause for celebration!

As for your daughter, I'm sure it's hard to see her moving on -- but it's not like you won't have conversations and smell her perfume ever again. She'll still come around, I'm sure!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

happy belated birthday!! the year I turned 50 was one of the best and I wish you the same. I used the fact I turned 50 as an excuse/ justification/rationalization for all sorts of wonderful trips and adventures.until the day I turned 51. and haven't you heard 50 is the new 35!

best of luck with the empty nest....that is probably the harder thing that turning 50!

lovely photo....after every sunset is a sunrise!

lettuce said...

must be so strange....

thinking of you

(fancy the Rothko exhibit?)

edward said...

people are living longer, so you're actually about 25 in 1850's years.

edward said...

cat years and dog years are different. I a toddler.

dennis said...

Dennis was here.

Betty said...

edward: 25 is good. I like that!