Monday, July 28, 2008


Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The Spinnaker Tower uses two large, white sweeping steel arcs to represent a sail in the wind. It was part of Portsmouth's plans for the Millennium, and should have been completed in 1999.
They didn't start building it till 2001 and it took 4 years to finish, by which time it was madly over-budget.

I love it.

An elevator sweeps you up the inside of the building and takes you to the viewing deck.
Just so that you can look down.

Down through the glass floor

to the ships below

and to the sea.


d. chedwick said...

It looks relaxing and fun --love especially the last aquamarine shot, which is truly aqua---marine! love the lines and textures and light.

Betty said...

It was a wonderful day and I was very lucky with the light.

The Spinnaker Tower is one of those surprising pieces of architecture which can look different every time you see it - depending on weather, time of day, time of year etc

tut-tut said...

Great aspects, Betty!